Hook and Eye Photography | About
Welcome to Hook and Eye Photography! The inspiration for my company's name is simple, I have an affinity for catching all of life's large and small moments with my eyes through the camera's lens. I have also been quite fond of the classic jewelry and clothing clasp - the hook and eye. This closure joins two parts of an item together, just like a treasured photo can hold a moment in time.

The moments in between more posed shots are what I strive to capture. From sweet Eskimo kisses between mother and daughter to rough housing between father and son - occurrences that happen on a daily basis, but make you feel good and you want them documented. Or from when you said, “Yes” and when he said “I do,” to the beauty of your baby bump, to your newborn’s first days on earth, these are the moments in life that only happen once. My enjoyment when taking photos comes from noticing the details and nuances of the day - little glances or the sparkle of an engagement ring - and aim towards a more natural lifestyle approach.

Now who is this eye behind the lens? My name is Farah Stephens - Wisconsin Native, mother to my son Callaway, a former environmental science teacher, and interpretative guide in Alaska. In fact I lived and worked in Alaska for four years, but moved back to Wisconsin to be closer to family and start one of my own. As an environmental educator, I would always have my camera in tow on ferry trips across the Prince William Sound, glacier cruises on small kettle lakes, or on alpine hikes. In Alaska, there was never a dull landscape to photograph and I know that the landscape of your life is never dull either. Now that I'm back in the Motherland, I have turned my hobby into a profession. As a mother, I marvel at the changes I witness in Callaway everyday. Whatever milestone, occasion, or person brings you joy, I would be honored to document your bliss.